Field Parameters in Tabular Editor

UPDATED WITH EXTRA REQUIRED STEPS The May 2022 release of Power BI brought an exciting feature that greatly enables self service BI. I’d highly recommend watching Wyn Hopkins: Field Parameters in Power BI giving a brief introduction. My organisations main models however are deployed straight from Tabular Editor via the XMLA end point. Therefore to […]

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Calculation Groups and RLS

I had a specific requirement to be able to show summary data for a whole organisation ignoring any RLS while being able to slice by all attributes. At the same time I needed to only show data attributed to names, for particular groups defined by RLS. There are many approaches to doing this. One I’d […]

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Data Model Vs DAX

In this post we look at how leveraging the data model correctly can simplify our DAX and increases report speed. Using a dataset with 10,000,000 rows we will use Power Query to make a change that reduces the render time for a visual from 15.6 seconds to 1.6 seconds. A classic requirement is one of […]

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This blog post originated from a question in the Power BI Community forum. The final solution is very straight forward but my aim is to illustrate an underlying behaviour in Power BI with a simple example. The problem can be seen in this pbix file. We have a basic data model: With the following two […]

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